I’m a Southern-raised, Charlotte, North Carolinian, and a graduate of Howard University Film School. When I tell stories, I lean towards the irreverent, salacious, and sinister. I will challenge how you THINK and make you FEEL. I am not your NOBLE NEGRO filmmaker. Instead, my storytelling will give you a unique perspective and entry point into a real-life unscripted character or a colorful pop-fictionalized world. My journey in Hollywood began as a development intern for MTV and has led me to be an Executive Producer on shows like March on TheCW and Consulting Producer for two seasons of Issa Rae’s Sweet Life: Life Los Angeles on HBOMax. I am also the creator of two scripted digital series, Poz Roz and Love Handles. I like to hold up a cracked mirror to society. Now, I be poppin’ my shit. Let’s pop our shit together!

I learned how to read and write at 3 years old. We were poor AF in North Carolina, so much I used to steal paper in order to write. The first book I ever read was Kiss Me, I’m Vulture I stole from the public library. I’m not a thief, I swear, just passionate! My creativity was lit on fire when my 8th Grade English teacher forced a class full of hooligans to enter the school’s Black History Month writing contest. It was the first thing I ever won. I didn’t write about the ICONS people expected (I still love you, Rosa, and Martin, tho). I wrote about all the MOTHERS OF OUR GREATEST BLACK HISTORY ICONS and the everyday BLACK MOTHERS who have to raise Black chirren in a racist society. You can read it HERE. You couldn’t tell me nothing after that. I was a MENACE in the hallways of Cochrane Middle School. Fast forward to high school, where I wrote for my yearbook, and then to college, where I studied film. My biggest flex at Howard was when iconic LA Rebellion director Haile Gerima told me my thesis film, The Test was too commercial. Off to Hollywood I flew to show these motherfuckers just how commercial I intended to be. 

I came out to Hollywood, and my first jobs were in reality TV. They didn’t teach this world in film school – it’s a learn on the go job. Luckily I did my industry internship in development at MTV Networks while being mentored by industry giant Brian Garden. While there, I learned the nuts and bolts of unscripted television. And learned the main rule BE INTERESTING! It’s Bible. With about 20 years of experience in unscripted, I’ve worked in all aspects of production, from the field to post-production. I can take a concept from the script (yes, some reality is scripted) to the screen. But as I’ve navigated most positions in unscripted, I’ve learned my biggest strength is in the story and post departments.

Fast forward through my UNSCRIPTED LIFE, in 2013, I took control of my career and independently produced my first web series, Love Handles, along with my collaborator in crime Crystle Roberson. My second web series POZ ROZ was my biggest independent effort and flex. After winning Best Web Series & Best Lead Actress at the Micheaux Film Festival, along with 4 Pre-Emmy nominations. Mama, we made it! 

I have produced over 100 episodes of programming, including, Executive Producer of March On The CW and Consulting Producer on Issa Rae’s Sweet Life: Los Angeles on HBOMax. Other producing credits include Disney FairyTale Weddings for Freeform, Big Freedia: Queen Of Bounce for FUSE, Ink, Paper, Scissors for BET, Mexican Dynasties for Bravo, Huda Boss, and Unfiltered: Paris Jackson series for Facebook Watch. I am currently collaborating with Genius Productions (Marsai Martin) on a music-driven unscripted project. Stay tuned!

Currently, I’m thriving in Los Angeles and ready to launch my brand of content into the stratosphere. I’m now in development to turn Love Handles into a TV series with Regina King’s Royal Ties Productions, and I’m also writing an adult animation comedy with G-Unit and Nicki Minaj. I’m most inspired to tell stories about marginalized communities in coming-of-age projects that explore change and growth. GET AT ME!